Before we called it “JMUCC”, the competition began its life as the Undergraduate National Case Competition – an event that welcomed Canadian schools from sea to shining sea.

2009 marked the inception of the “John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition”, the first multi-round business case competition.

JMUCC was ready for a small change: an additional four schools were added to the competition. These 24 schools and 96 competitors again competed in four live cases from companies with both Montreal and international recognition.

The competition welcomed new universities such as the Queensland University of Technology and Salisbury University (USA), and for the first time in its history, had all international podium finishes. As well, Guillaume and esteemed board member, Anna Martini, were featured on Global Montreal’s morning news, where they discussed what exactly JMUCC means to competitors from around the world.

The competitors were faced with four B2B cases, and the industries presented ranged from healthcare, to transportation for the performing arts, and finally to technology for retail point of sale systems. Global Montreal was on site for the competition, and for the first time in the history of JMUCC, the final 24-hour cases were live-streamed, allowing families and friends around the world to join in the excitement of the finals as they were happening.

In 2016, JMUCC went completely live, incorporating sponsor commercials and interviews in between the cases that were being live streamed on JMUCC TV. Snapchat was incorporated as the 6th social media platform at the competition to provide a “behind the scenes” look for participants and viewers around the world.

The highlight of this edition was introducing the JMUCC Bursary, to give a new school the chance to participate in one of the most elite business case competitions.

From the judges who were impressed by the recommendations of the students, to the volunteers who were ever so dedicated to making sure the competition ran smoothly, the 10th edition of JMUCC is one that surpassed the status quo of case competitions around the world, and has shown the world that WE MEAN BUSINESS.

JMUCC 2020 the Biggest and Boldest edition yet. And what a year it has been; from an increase of schools from 24-28, hosting over 200 participants.