Become A Judge

Become a Judge at JMUCC

One main reason why JMUCC has grown to become one of the most prestigious case competitions in the world is because it is judged by influential members of the Montreal business community.

Largest of its kind

This year we grow to 28 renowned business schools that travel to Montreal to compete at JMUCC.

Challenging And Diverse Cases

Competitors are challenged with three 3-hour case covering various industries and business disciplines.

Unique Interactive 24-Hour Case

The fourth and final case is the 24-hour interactive case, where competitors are forced to be quick on their feet.

Profile of a Judge


- Significant relevant business or professional experience
- Senior or middle-level manager with decision-making ability
- Vast business knowledge in a multitude of areas

Personal Attributes

- Responsible and committed to fair judging
- Ability to work within a team of other industry professionals
- An effective listener with strong verbal communication skills
- Ideally bilingual, with some exposure to culturally diverse environments

Particular Experience

- Ability to grasp and analyze details, including financial data, within a broad unified perspective
- Ability to evaluate effectiveness and appropriateness of presentation styles


Become familiar with the case objective during the reading and preparation time

Participate in case briefing discussions with enthusiasm and interest

Exhibit a high level of professionalism during team presentations

Simulate and relate cases to real business situations

Provide an open-mind and broad perspective in their judging

Assign scores based on specified judging criteria in an equitable and fair manner

Provide clear and constructive feedback to team presentations

Benefits of Judging

Network with some of Montreal’s top business executives.

Meet some of the most talented business students from around the world and identify top candidates.

Promote your company to a select group of individuals, including: corporate executives, leading academics, top undergraduate business students.

Give back to the community by helping support one of Montreal’s top business schools

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

Émilie Alexandre
First Year Representative & Judges Coordinator

Phone: (438) 835-3678