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The John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (JMUCC) is a week-long event held in Montreal (Quebec), and is organized by eleven students from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. It is our goal to help build and foster long-lasting relationships between today’s brightest minds and the business leaders of tomorrow.

28 Universities

Teams composed of four students from the world’s most renowned Business Schools

4 Cases

Based on diverse, real-life business challenges

50 Volunteers

Passionate and Dynamic students who help the Organizing Committee

Strategy planning

Sponsoring JMUCC offers your company the opportunity to contribute to the academic excellence of the John Molson School of Business community, as well as foster a unique learning environment and experience for international undergraduate students, highlighting their academic careers.


MEET with over 120 elite participants, soon to graduate, from among the world’s most renowned business schools and 50 volunteers from JMSB.

CREATE personal connections with top-tier students during our luncheons, dinners and cocktails throughout the week.

JUDGE case presentations and directly assess potential future talent for your company.

DIRECT ACCESS to participant’s database and résumés.


As a sponsor of the competition, your company will benefit by having exposure to our constant website and social media traffic, as well as reaching over 20 000 students from Concordia University and abroad. The following benefits are included as our starting package*:

  • Company Logo on the official JMUCC apparel
  • Company Logo on the official JMUCC banner
  • Company Logo and link listed on our website
  • Company mentions on all our social media platforms
  • Company Logo projected on screen during the competition

Corporate sponsorship

At JMUCC, we don’t simply want a sponsorship: we want to commit to seeing a mutually beneficial strategic partnership.

With a solid schedule booked for 7 straight days, we offer many opportunities for competitors, judges, and volunteers to interact with your brand in a personal setting that leaves an emotional, and lasting impact.

The following options have been created in order for you to be able to choose the extent and the way you want your company to be promoted. For more information about our pricing, please feel free to contact Theo Henry.

Theo Henry
VP Corporate Relations

Phone: (514) 892-5717 

Email: t.henry@jmucc.ca

Our Packages:

- Closing Ceremony Naming Rights
- Closing Ceremony Speaking Opportunities
- Official JMUCCTv Sponsors
- Organize event in honor of your company
- Speaking opportunity during the night of event
- Naming rights to competition trophies
- Official Volunteer Sponsor
- Host of the Volunteer Event
- Personalized Post on all our Social Media Platform
- Naming Rights to Division
- Advertisement in Program Booklet (Half Page)
- Bring 4 judges of case presentations
- Advertisement in Program Booklet (Full Page)
- Bring 2 judges of case presentations

Case sponsorship

Nick Bonneau
VP Academics Affairs

Phone: (508) 560-7613 

Email: n.bonnea@jmucc.ca

Each year, the John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition invites some of the world’s most elite business schools to solve cases offered by high level business executives. Solutions presented are highly regarded and are often used in solving real company issues. 

Sponsoring an official JMUCC case means your company will receive substantial exposure during an entire day of competition, as students analyze and present comprehensive case studies of your current business strategic decisions. 

Your company will have the benefit of sending representatives to see first-hand the level of high-end recommendations our participants will be presenting. Our competition includes two types of opportunities for case sponsoring:



The three first days of the competition are host to the Round Robin Tournament, all 28 teams compete in an enclosed environment without access to external sources of information, and have 3 hours to solve the case. Becoming a sponsor means putting your company in the spotlight for a day as an exclusive, unique case. Our previous Round Robin case sponsors include: Ardène, Buffalo, Frank & Oak, Loblaws, Avenir Global, Ogilvy & Holt Renfrew, RW&Co, YMCA and many more.

Sponsoring JMUCC’s 24-hour case means exclusively associating your company with JMUCC’s keystone event. During this case, all 28 participating schools spend 24 hours researching and preparing their solution to the case with the aid of external research tools including internet access. This case weighs the most in terms of scoring, and is often the deciding factor in crowning the JMUCC champion. Our previous 24-hour cases have been sponsored by companies such as: Walmart, CN, Agropur, Birks & Mayors, Cisco Systems, Groupe Germain, Nivea (Beiersdorf), VIA Rail and more.